Welcome to VisitBruges.com, your premier destination for exploring the enchanting city of Bruges, a jewel of medieval Europe, nestled in the heart of Belgium. From the serene canals that meander through ancient streets to the mystical castles in the Bruges surroundings, let the beauty of Bruges unfold before you with our recommendations.

Venice of the North

Picture yourself cruising down its serene canals, the , surrounded by breathtaking medieval architecture that stands as a testament to the city's vibrant history. It's a timeless escape into a world where every moment is a masterpiece, inviting you to be part of its enduring beauty.

Top Things To Do

Introduction & Food Tours

Get the best of Bruges with private tours from a friendly, fun and knowledgable local. Tour In Bruges offers a unique, authentic experience of this stunning historical city. Ready to make the most out of your trip?

Castles & Landscapes

Leave the ordinary path of the tourist and discover how the rich lived in their enchanting castles. Rouler Retro takes you to an unknown experience along roads only locals know. You see castles who breathe history.

Hotel Malleberg

Enter a traditional Bruges mansion, right in the heart of Bruges. Hotel Malleberg offers a warm stay to everyone who enters the door. Plant-based options at breakfast is unique in Bruges. Everyone is welcome!

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Introduction & Food Tours

Born and Bred in Bruges, Patrick has Bruges in his blood. With a lot of enthusiasm and passion he introduces you to the best Bruges has to offer.

Hotel Malleberg

Traditional Bruges mansion with 16th century basement breakfast area (plant-based options ). Owners Eva and Niels make you feel like home.

Castle Tour

Local resident Niels welcomes you in a nostalgia car to a voyage flavoured by history. As you will pass astonishing landscapes, you discover unpaved paths, missed by a lot of tourists, leading to the mysterious castles.